Professional Qualifying Assessment (PQA)


Pursuant to Optical Act 1991, to practice optometry in Malaysia a person is required to register with Malaysian Optical Council. To be eligible for registration, a person needs to possess a recognized basic optometry degree as listed in the Second Schedule of the Optical Act 1991.

Pursuant to the section 42(2)(e) of the Optical 1991, a person needs to sit and pass a Professional Qualifying Assessment (PQA) if one holds a basic optometry degree which is not recognized for registration.

PQA was introduced in January 2018 by Malaysian Optical Council. Applicants who successfully completed the clinical attachment (for optometrist only) and passed the PQA will be registered under Section 19 (2), Optical Act 1991 for optometrists or under section 18 (2), Optical Act 1991 for opticians.


Malaysian Optical Council has provided guideline for the applicant’s reference:

     • Candidate Handbook for Professional Qualifying Assessment (PQA) for Optometrist

     • Candidate Handbook for Professional Qualifying Assessment (PQA) for Optician

Any questions regarding PQA, please contact:

Registration Unit
Registration Sector
Malaysian Optical Council