Audit S

Audit Surveilans Optik


Optical Surveillance Audit (ASO) is an audit conducted on optical premises in phases and by state throughout Malaysia. The purpose is to assess the compliance of registered opticians and optometrists as well as optical premises with the Optical Act 1991, the Optical Regulations 1994 and the Code of Practice for Opticians and Optometrists.


    a. Ensure each optical premise has at least one (1) registered practitioner who conducts eye                                   examinations.

     b. Check whether each registered practitioner working in the premise hold the Annual Practitioner                        Certificate for the current year.

     c. Ensure the APC is displayed in a conspicuous place.

     d. Ensure the Permit to Prescribe and Dispense Contact Lens for Registered Optician is displayed in a                   conspicuous place.

Any questions regarding Audit, please contact:

Ethics & Act Sector
Malaysian Optical Council