Guideline APEL (C)


Accreditation of learning based on prior experience for the purpose of awarding credit [APEL (C)] Malaysian Optical Council (MOC) is a learning assessment process (informal & non -formal) of Registered Opticians based on accumulated experience (knowledge & skills) to obtain credit transfer of 42 hours credit for 16 courses already identified in the Optometry program.

This assessment is only open to Registered Opticians who are interested in furthering their studies to the Optometry (Accelerated) program at any higher education institution (IPT) that offers the program. Emphasis on evaluation is given to the main concept of APEL (C) which is to evaluate the ability of a Registered Optician to use the learning (informal & non -formal) achieved through his experience in achieving the learning outcomes of a course.

APEL (C) MOC assessment is one of the pre-conditions that must be passed by a Registered Optician as well as several other conditions that have been approved by the Department of Higher Education (JPT) for admission to the Optometry (Accelerated) program.

# Informal learning – learning gained from work experience as a Registered Optician

# Non-formal learning-learning gained outside of formal education such as attending short courses, training, study tours and others.


Malaysian Optical Council has provided guideline for the applicant’s reference:

Guideline for APEL (C) Application Malaysian Optical Council
APEL (C) Candidate Handbook

Any questions regarding APEL (C), please contact:

Recognition, Operations & Finance Sector
Malaysian Optical Council